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Anti Trojan Elite 5.6

Anti Trojan Elite(ATE) is a malware remover for windows
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According to the legend, the Greek army built a wooden horse and gave it to the Trojans as a gift. But the Greek soldiers hid inside the horse and defeated the Trojans once the horse was inside the city'. Since then, the term "trojan horse" has been used as a symbol of a false gift. In our computerized world, trojan horses are malicious programs disguised as inoffensive or attractive software. The Anti Trojan Elite program is designed to detect and eliminate all the trojans in your system, as well as perform other useful tasks. For example, it has an optimization feature allowing users to accelerate Windows' on-off speed, lock/unlock registry, allow/deny CD autorun, and so on. It also can repair your MS Internet Explorer by allowing/denying it to work offline, lock/unlock startup page, etc. You can configure the program to scan the whole system, or only specified folders or files, and program two types of scans: Normal or Overall. The program generates a scan log after completing the process, so you can check what happened in your system while the program was running. The program also lets you backup the infected files, thus preventing "false positives" to eliminate any important file. The unregistered version only lets you scan your drives, but not to kill the trojans detected. To take advantage of all the program's features, you need to register your copy.

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  • Comprehensive
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  • Does not include a repair system for Internet browsers other than MS Internet Explorer
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